The Restart You & Win Leadership network is a community of women who are in or have just started ministry initiative that needs mentorship and support on how to navigate ministry holistically . This is a unique group of women who have submitted themselves for intentional and out of the box level of discipleship.

Having been in ministry these 22 years I have realised a lot of key elements are not taught, hence many dives into ministry prematurely or without necessary key tools and resources for effectiveness, fruits or longevity. We teach the leading woman to be driven, directed, and equipped to harness the gift of God upon her life and unlock hidden and untapped potentials to release you to unlimited supernatural resources for a maximised and fulfilled ministry life.

On this platform we: Teach, Train, Facilitate Transformation and commissioning into God ordained destinies synergised together with other women of purpose to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I will draw on my wealth of experiences and learnings which has been practically tested with results to help the leading woman lead in a kingdom advancing and fulfilling manner and equipping them as well to help others do the same. This is a unique class for selected individuals so if interested contact PR directly.