This is a day mentoring program with Pastor Ruth where she teaches core elements of personal growth and development. This program has been specially designed to connect first with the online students of the Restart You & Win Academy and to also serve as a taster for potential new students.

We are a sisterhood of purpose passionate about helping women to awaken to the truths of the gospel of the kingdom so that they can become proof producers influencing and creating kingdom impact.

This journey will help any woman to become:

Spiritual no longer religious
A Woman of the Word
A prayer Warrior
A healthy woman
A woman of beauty
A collaborative Woman
A relational woman
A woman on a mission
A serving woman
A giving woman
A kingdom marketplace woman

We teach the everyday woman to be driven, directed, and equipped to harness the gift of God upon your life and unlock hidden and untapped potentials to release you to unlimited supernatural resources for a maximised and fulfilled life.