Freedoms Ball

Freedoms Ball is a night of encouraging change through celebration and inspiration. A glitz and glamour fun night where women are challenged by the inspirational stories of triumph of the speakers, to encourage other women to make their life count and leave a lasting legacy.

Moments with God Encounter Meeting

This is a Biannual event that is hosted by Pastor Ruth. The vision is to encourage believers to rekindle their passion for God’s presence. A day away from your normal home environment to spend quality time with the Lord in an environment of uncensored worship, prophetic message, declarations, and prayers. A safe place for deeper spiritual connection and refreshing.

Before I turn 50 Masterclass

Turning 50 should not be taken lightly, many come to this age unprepared merely preparing for just the celebration and not the season, I believe it’s a major season of the rest of one’s life and the bible calls it a jubilee hence we must intentionally plan and execute this season with clarity and prophetic insight from the Lord.

Together with seasoned facilitators we will teach, train and facilitate transformation so those turning 50 and those in their 50’s can explore and enhance their identity and walk with God, discover purpose, be healthy, create & build wealth and be informed for self-improvement to impact their community and generation as well as leave a generational legacy.