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Daily Moments with God

The Daily Moment with God is a compilation of intimate conversations with the Holy Spirit during my daily fellowship time with the Lord. I realised for a while now that my prayer life has changed from just going to ask God for things but instead asking Him the things that are on His heart that He wants to communicate to His children as we prepare for His coming. As you read it I pray that it sparks a desire for true intimacy with the Father.

Before I call you Friend

Friendships! Friendships! Friendships! We all want friends, the journey of life must not be spent alone. God has created us to relate and be in relationship with others. Ecclesiastes 10:10 says “two is better than one because they have a good reward for their labour”, we must learn to build and grow our friendships. But we must also recognize that things have changed and keeps changing, generations are changing, people are changing and the ideology of friendship is also changing and so there is a call for us to examine our believe of friendship and ask ourselves the right questions, identify where the challenges are and see if we an glean some wisdom from personal encounters and the word of God to begin to build stronger and long lasting friendships. Before I call you my friend is my personal journey of friendships. I am not in any way claiming to be an expert, neither am I preaching a one size fits all, but in my almost 5 decades of live I have realised that friendships are key and plays a significant role in our lives, and we must be knowledgeable to know how to form the right friendships, and how to separate ourselves from the wrong ones. I dared to be vulnerable in this book and speak of my own personal struggle and how the Lord healed me enough to guide my decisions and how I pursue friendships. My main objective is to give some exposure and offer tools that will help you my readers have rich and fulfilling friendships.

Before I Turn 50

Turning fifty is exciting yet it can be overwhelming, you begin to have a replay of five decades of your life and ask yourself some tough questions like, what have I achieved, how far have I journeyed in life, what have I lost, what do I need to get on with urgently. At fifty we have the opportunity to press the reset button for the rest of our lives, it’s as if God gives us a new beginning a fresh start for the rest of our lives. I wrote this book to encourage and challenge my readers especially those who are not yet fifty to STOP NOW, take a good look at your life journey, assess it carefully taking into consideration what you have done, not yet done and hope to do and begin to make the necessary changes and adjustments and above all boldly and confidently begin to plan for your jubilee season so you can enjoy it and maximise it to the full.