Turning 50 should not be taken lightly, many come to this age unprepared merely preparing for just the celebration and not the season, I believe it’s a major season of the rest of one’s life and the bible calls it a jubilee hence we must intentionally plan and execute this season with clarity and prophetic insight from the lord.

Also, once you turn 50 life begins to shape up differently and things begin to take different meaning and perspective, and your salvation begins to draw closer than when you first believed, many needs a place to belong and become hence why we have created the flourishing 50’s as included in the hub.

Our vision is to educate, empower and support ladies turning 50 and those who want to flourish in their 50’s to adequately prepare for key areas of their lives based on the book “Before I turn 50” by Pastor Ruth Mateola, so they can be adequately prepared to enjoy their jubilee season.